New Line Recycling

The redevelopment, including the extension and redesign / reconfiguration of existing recycling compound facilities to enable better segregation and reuse of materials.

Craigavon Borough Council has two Recycling Centres for the disposal of household waste and recycling of selected materials. To comply with demand and current legislation, McAleer & Teague were appointed as Main Contractors for the redevelopment of the sites.

Works to the centre on New Line Road comprised the extension of the existing recycling centre together with the redesign and reconfiguration of the existing compound to enable better segregation and reuse of materials.

The centre remained fully operational to the general public during the execution of the works, which were carefully planned and completed on a phased basis.

Site works included new paving, drainage, etc. in line with current legislation, with some alterations to the existing site office building to form a new disabled person’s toilet and shower.

Also included in the contract were new boundary walls to enclose the new extended portion of the site, and raising the height of the existing perimeter walls.

The centre can now efficiently recycle glass, cans, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, textiles and clothing, household and car batteries, TVs and computer monitors, fluorescent tubes, cooking oil, engine oil, wood, garden waste, scrap metal, fridges, paint, small and large appliances.

Craigavon Borough Council
£1.0 million
30 weeks
Maurice Cushnie Architects Ltd