Healy Park, Omagh

Construction of the high spec. Control Tower as part of the 3rd phase of major development at Healy Park, aimed at improving the safety and comfort of supporters, patrons and players.

The Control Tower is probably a misnomer, since it is much more complex than it's name implies. It consists of a three-storey building, located behind the terracing It includes a retail unit and associated facilities at ground level. Above this, on level two, are media facilities where press and broadcast personnel are accommodated. On level three is the actual Control Room where the Event Controller, Safety Officer and key personnel from the Emergency Services are stationed.

In the Control Room there is direct, total visibility of the playing area, all of the terraces and the stand via a fully-glazed frontage which covers all of levels two and three. 

Additionally, a bank of monitors linked to a newly installed CCTV system provides full coverage of all areas of the stadium, including spectator entrances and exits.

An electronically controlled linkage to all turnstiles allows a continuous flow of information to the Control Room, regarding the number of patrons that have been admitted to the ground. 

On the roof of the Control Tower, specially-designed locations have been included for facilitating television camera operators, wishing to record and broadcast games.

All works took place during the football season and allowed the existing facilitates to be used at all times with in excess of 19,000 visitors on occasions.

Works to the 5,000 person spectator stand required the demolition and reconstruction of accommodation within the undercroft to include high specification changing rooms, first aid facilities, referees rooms and drug test rooms together with associated M&E works.

Disabled facilities were greatly improved with the construction of a new lift tower to the rear of the Tower and linked to the existing stand, and the construction of new disabled seating/viewing area to the rear of the existing stand at high level.

External works comprised new perimeter fencing and gates to the playing field along with lighting and the installation of Bitumen Macadam Surfaced areas.

Tyrone County Board
£1.6 million
48 weeks
Teague & Sally Ltd