Melvin Sports Complex

Construction of a new four court sports hall & changing facilities, extensive renovations to the existing centre and car park at Melvin Sports Complex, Strabane.


Works included:

  • Provision of new four court sports hall as an extension to the existing complex
  • Extensive renovation to the existing sports hall, providing new entrance, creating new first floor over part of hall to form cafeteria area, provision of cladding to existing walls.
  • Formation of new Cardio room at front of existing entrance.
  • Provision of canopy along gable end of existing sports hall to new entrance.
  • Installation of new lift,
  • Provision of new concrete stairs for means of escape discharging through front gable of existing wall.
  • Upgrade heating system.
  • Relocation of existing children’s play area.
  • Formation of new pathway and parking areas.
  • Creation of new ground and first floor links to new sports hall through existing building.
Strabane District Council
52 weeks
McGurk Chartered Architects Ltd