Rope Walk, Coleraine

Provision of a new community centre for the specific needs of people living in a “Neighbourhood Renewal” area.

The centre offers opportunities for the local community to take part in sport and social activities that were not available to the community before. It provides a wide range of social and recreational facilities, including a purpose built boxing gym, indoor and outdoor football and changing and childcare facilities.

The centre comprises two main blocks interlinked with full height entrance and corridor. It is constructed on concrete strip foundations, with a steel frame, block work walling and composite roof.

Internally the building was completed to the highest specification for this type of facility.

Due to the restricted nature of the site and its close proximity to local housing, the site area was maximised through the construction of an innovative, contractor designed, Anchor retaining wall system which is aesthetically pleasing, provides engineering strength and stability, was quickly constructed and requires minimal maintenance.

The complex funding arrangement (The department for Social Development, through the Neighbourhood Fund and Coleraine Borough Council provided £900,000) required detailed cost planning and forecasting by McAleer & Teague's surveying department, ensuring the client had the most up to date information at all times. The timely and accurate provision of this information ensured the funding bodies’ maximum grant was utilised on the scheme. The project was complete on programme and within budget.

Coleraine Borough Council
£1.5 million
52w eeks
W&M Given Architects