Mount Lourdes G.S.

The conversion of St Franchea's Buildings to Mount Lourdes Junior School along with refurbishment / extension works within the 'live' Mount Lourdes Grammar School Campus.

The project entailed the conversion of St Franchea’s buildings to Mount Lourdes Junior School, an extension of the Mount Lourdes Campus, the seventh and final phase.  The site was located within the existing campus being used by some 800+ people daily. The project required the refurbishment and extension to the existing multiple buildings located throughout the site and included new sports and leisure facilities.

The works involved the replacement of the roof and windows and complete internal refurbishment of classrooms, chaining rooms, sport hall etc. The relocation of the tennis pavilion to the new tennis courts and included externally cladding and complete internal refurbishment. A new fitness suite was constructed as part of the project.

Mechanical and electrical services within the buildings included heating system, water and waste systems, lighting and power, telephone and public address systems, fire alarm system, lightening conductor and site lighting. 

External works included the complete reorganising of the adjoining areas leaving easy identifiable entrances. Three new playing pitches were constructed on adjoining lands which necessitated the construction of a new access road, retaining walls, drainage and fencing.

The Trustees of Mount Lourdes Grammar School
£4.5 million
60 weeks
Mullarkey Pedersen Architects