Craigavon Area Hospital

Construction of a new four storey block, comprising library and conference facilities as well as offices and on-call rooms within an existing and confined courtyard.

Craigavon Area Hospital provides a wide range of acute inpatient services and outpatient’s services.

The works under this contract comprised the construction of a new Medical Education Centre within an existing courtyard surrounded on four sides by operational hospital buildings ranging from single story to six storys in height.

The new building works consisted a four storey block (floor area 1500m²) containing conference facilities, library, offices and on-call rooms. 

The building was connected to existing hospital by 2 new corridors at 5 separate locations.

The building structure includes metal decked concrete upper floor slabs, reinforced concrete strip foundations on a piled base, facing brick / block cavity walls, a structural steel frame, metal stud partitions, asphalt flat roof on a concrete screed with reinforced concrete roof slab on a metal deck to corridor areas and a Kalzip type main roof.

The existing site presented many challenges, ranging from the logistical issues of getting materials on to the confined site to the protection of the existing underground access tunnel running the length of the new build.

Southern Health & Social Care Trust
44 weeks