Gilford Cinema

The authentic re-construction of the Gilford Cinema (public exhibits and residential education centre) in the period village portion of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra. 

The Ulster Folk & Transport Museum welcomes 171,000 visitors every year and therefore public impact is of primary concern to the Museum and Galleries of Northern Ireland (MAGNI). McAleer & Teague worked with a team of architects, historians and curators on this project. Close engagement on a daily basis ensured client satisfaction with each stage of the project.  Every step of the construction process was executed with extreme precision to ensure public safety and the continued operation the museum.

Due to the nature of the project it involved adhering to specific end user requirements and working according to strict restoration guidelines and principals. The main consideration during the construction of this 20th century building was incorporating current building control and health and safety regulations while preserving the ambiance of this historic structure. All works were undertaken adhering to current legislation, British Standards, health and safety regulations and local authority by-laws.  These provisions were carefully managed, facilitating the progress of the project in line with the program of works.

Original fabric and building materials were used extensively and where this was not possible, exact replicas of these elements were manufactured.  Traditional building skills were employed to create an authentic effect and salvaged resources were used as much as possible as a means of retaining the authenticity of the structure.

The structure consisted concrete foundations, reinforced concrete ground slab, steel frame, traditional cavity wall construction with salvaged brick outer leaf or render; pre-cast upper floor slab; salvaged Bangor Blue roof tile covering on timber truss rafters and aluminum rainwater goods; hardwood external doors; block work internal walls and flush internal doors, floor, wall and ceiling finishes; sundry fittings; mechanical and electrical services installations including sanitary ware; associated site works, incoming services, drainage, demolition and landscaping.

The external landscaping to the scheme finished off the site in a visually attractive way, with a carefully integrated mixture of grass areas and cobbles.

The Gilford Silent Cinema was successfully completed in December 2006. A Finalist at the Construction Excellence Awards 2007 it provides an example of the exemplary workmanship, the attention to detail and precision, the high standard of project management and ultimately the deliverance of a quality service within a restricted financial budget provided by McAleer & Teague.

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra
£1.2 million
48 weeks
Kennedy FitzGerald & Associates