Holy Trinity Church

The restoration / refurbishment and extension of the Grade B Listed Holy Trinity Church, Cookstown.


This Grade B Listed church was built in Cookstown, Co Tyrone in 1855 and following the celebration of it's 150th anniversary in 2005, significant works had become necessary for the building to meet current needs and future expectations.

In March 2011, McAleer & Teague commenced the execution of these works as Principal Contractor.


The scope of the works is as follows:

  • Demolition/alterations - To sections of existing masonry/stone walls
  • Demolition/alterations - Proposed / Existing door openings/doors
  • Demolition/alterations - Existing Porch to be demolished
  • Demolition/alterations - To existing concrete beam/slab floors
  • Demolition/alterations - Relocation of existing Alter & Baptismal font
  • Demolition/alterations - New Alter & Ambo
  • Demolition/alterations - Existing kitchen / cupboard units
  • Demolition/alterations - Existing church seating
  • Demolition/alterations - Service Installations
  • Demolition/alterations - Existing Stations of the Cross
  • Demolition/alterations - Existing Oran/PA installation
  • Take-up existing floor finishes (ceramic tiling, parquet timber flooring)
  • New single storey extension (Switch room, Lobby & WC)
  • New external access steps/handrailings to Extension
  • New internal lime wall plaster (and water-proof treatment)
  • New floor finishes (tiling/carpet/timber)
  • Painting new and existing walls & ceilings (max. 14 m high)
  • Painting new and existing second fix joinery
  • New Kitchen Units
  • Associated mechanical & electrical installations
  • Associated drainage installation/siteworks
Cookstown (Desertcreight & Derryloran) Parish Council, Archdiocese of Armagh
£0.7 million
40 weeks
J.L. O'Hagan & Company Ltd.